Exodus Members

Exodus International North America has three distinct networks: Member Ministries, Professional Counselors and the Church Association. Included on the Exodus Staff are Directors for each of these three divisions. Each agency of Exodus must agree with the Doctrinal and Mission Statements of Exodus International.

The Member Ministry Network consists of Christian ministries in the United States and Canada. Their main focus is to provide local support for people affected by homosexuality. This is usually accomplished through support groups, lay counseling and education. Becoming a part of the Member Ministry Network requires a two-year process in which Exodus provides standards and guidance to the ministry to help ensure its strength and stability. Each ministry, depending on its location, is part of an Exodus Region and is represented by an Exodus Regional Coordinator.

The Exodus Professional Counselors Network consists of professional counselors and therapists who agree that individuals have the right to self-determination and freedom to seek counsel for their unwanted same-sex attraction. Network members not only have experience helping those affected by homosexuality, but also must meet and maintain certain guidelines and certifications for membership.

The Exodus Church Association consists of churches that take a Biblical stand on the issue of homosexuality, and are filled with compassion and grace for the homosexual struggler. While these churches may not have a specific ministry for those affected by homosexuality, they provide an inviting and healthy community and discipleship for the struggler.

Since each member of Exodus International is autonomous and each network within Exodus is distinctly different, relationship and partnership is encouraged within regions and beyond. With local ministry support, professional counselors and inviting churches, Exodus is offering multiple options to meet the needs of those impacted by homosexuality.

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