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  • 1 Churches: local churches who embrace individuals affected by homosexuality while holding to Biblical sexual standards.
    Exodus Church Association Churches may or may not provide ministry directly related to the issue of same-sex attractions. The primary focus of these churches is to provide holistic discipleship and community for those looking for a safe environment. For ministry or assistance specific to issues related to same-sex attractions, please contact an Exodus Member Ministry or Professional Counselor. If these options are not available in your state, please contact the Exodus International main office.
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    One Ancient Hope Presbyterian Church (Church)

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    Iowa City, IA

    Church Information
    Denomination Presbyterian Church in America
    Senior Pastor Rev. Michael J. Langer
    Church Website www.oneancienthope.com
    Contact Name Rev. Michael J. Langer
    Contact Phone 319-400-9494
    Services Offered Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Service Opportunities, Mentoring Ministries
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