A Church Brings Hope

by Patrick Payton I was fresh out of seminary, pastoring a church plant that had quickly outgrown our facility and was beginning to plan for two services. At Stonegate Fellowship we communicated a message of truth that Jesus Christ changes lives, and it seemed the message … [Read more...]

Love Is…

Written by a Mother Ten years have passed since we learned that our son was gay.  Steven, a junior in college, refused help because he had become involved in a gay-affirming support group at school.  He was convinced that he was born gay and that he could never … [Read more...]

Who Am I?

I did not become acquainted with the word "homosexual" until I was in high school. I knew, however, that it described the feelings I had experienced throughout my childhood. Same-sex attractions and feelings had been around since I could remember. I assumed that this is … [Read more...]

Looking for Love and Acceptance

by McKrae Game I grew up in what seemed from the outside as a normal middle-class, Christian family.  I was the younger of two children, always in the shadow of my older sister who excelled at everything.  I, on the other hand, seemed to struggle with everything. My … [Read more...]

A Song of Hope

by Dennis Jernigan From my earliest memories, I felt different from other boys. I was gifted musically, and labeled "sissy" by other boys. By the time I was nine years old, I was playing regularly for the worship times at First Baptist Church in Boynton, OK.  I learned … [Read more...]

A Changed Life, A Changed Man

by Mike Goeke My dad was a loving leader, Spiritual and otherwise, of our family. My parents were equally active in the lives of both my brother and me. I experienced no sexual, emotional or physical abuse. While I know now that my family had its own issues, there were … [Read more...]

Looking Back and Looking Forward

by Bob Davies I recently celebrated my 55th birthday, and now I’m officially qualified to join Second Wind, the seniors’ ministry at my church. I find it fascinating to look back and see how life looks from this vantage point. What lessons have I learned? Life has … [Read more...]

Cornered By Grace

By Amy Tracy Four years ago when I became a Christian, my life was consumed by feminist politics and the gay/lesbian community. Professionally, I served as chief of staff to a government official who was a lesbian, and as vice president of the National Organization for … [Read more...]

Safe as a Woman

by Christine Sneeringer "Coach, she's cussing in the outfield," Tammy complained. "This is supposed to be a Christian team. Aren't you going to do something?"  The coach looked at her, then pointed in my direction. "You see that girl? You pray for that girl." I strolled … [Read more...]

Letting Others Help on the Journey

By Brenna Kate Simonds I was born in 1975, the second of two girls. My mother was an alcoholic who stayed home with me and my sister while my father worked long hours.  The main thing I remember about my early childhood is that I was always afraid my parents were going … [Read more...]