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Exodus-Association-Final-300x168One of the greatest ways you can partner with us to make a difference is by involving your ministry. Whether you are a Pastor, Christian counselor, Educator, Support Group Leader, or a faithful church member, you join with us in providing help for those with same sex attractions.

Here are several specific ways you can get involved:

Join the Exodus Association

Through our Association we hope to do three things. One, we hope to exhort the church at-large to stand and support those with same sex attractions (SSA) as Jesus would. Two, we hope to equip churches to minister to the individuals within their own congregation who are struggling with (SSA), as well as the family members of a gay loved one. And three, we hope to create a worldwide referral list of ministers, and organizations, for those who are searching for a church family that will walk alongside them in their journey. For men and women with SSA, it is critical that they be included in—and be a part of—the body of Christ. One woman with same sex attractions shared, “My experience of being welcomed, invited and embraced by the men, women, and families in my church made all the difference in the world …”

We would love to have your outreach as a part of our association! More info can be found in our Exodus Association Application Packet.

Make Exodus a Mission

Most churches have mission budgets which are used to support important work both overseas and within North America. In many ways, Exodus is a missionary work towards people with same sex attractions – one of few organizations actively reaching out to this group of people. Most church mission boards want to hear suggestions from their church members about what missions to support – perhaps your church could “make Exodus a mission!”

Start a Support Group

Has God helped you find hope and help concerning your own SSA? Reconciled relationships within your family? Or opened your heart for people with SSA? You might be a great candidate for starting a support group within your church. We would love to put you in touch with another Exodus Association referral who can provide the direction and training you’ll need. Please contact us for more info.

Support a Local Ministry

Exodus has a network of local referrals which provide direct care and support. They can always use volunteers, prayer partners and friends in local churches. Many of our members are helped through partnerships with local churches which house their meetings, raise funds, and provide pastoral care for those who come for help.

Pray for Us

Does your church have an intercession team? We would love to consider your church a partner in prayer! You can also contact us if you have any prayer requests.

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