Fact Sheet

The Exodus Mission: To mobilize the Body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality.


  • THE LARGEST WORLDWIDE MINISTRY to those struggling with same-sex attraction seeking to live a life that reflects the Christian faith.
  • AN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION with more than 260 autonomous and diverse member agencies across North America that help men and women seeking freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction as well as family members & friends affected by this issue.
  • AN ESTABLISHED FRONTRUNNER: Since its formation in 1976, Exodus has grown to become the largest network of men and women that have surrendered their struggles with same-sex attraction in the world blazing a path towards redefining the way the church addresses homosexuality and the people impacted by it.
  • A LEADER IN INTEGRITY & COMPASSION: Every member ministry that belongs to the Exodus network has undergone a two-year rigorous screening process. An Exodus leader must demonstrate personal integrity, knowledge and grasp of sound theological beliefs, submit to a local accountability structure and provide comprehensive services dealing sexual orientation and identity through their local ministry.
  • A RESOURCE FOR THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Exodus International is dedicated to equipping the global church with resources that will help offer a truthful, compassionate approach to dealing with the topic of homosexuality.
  • A SAFE PLACE FOR HURTING YOUTH: As the number of young people who are grappling with their sexuality and their faith increase, Exodus seeks to offer alternative, biblically based resources and events through its Student Ministries division. Exodus also offers resources and training to equip youth leaders, as well several well qualified pastoral care organizations within the membership geared toward youth ministry.


  • A REPARATIVE THERAPY OR CONVERSION THERAPY ORGANIZATION: We do not endorse or employ Reparative or Conversion Therapies with the Exodus International Network
  • A SPECIFIC PROGRAM:  There are more than 260 member ministries within the Exodus North America network and more than 300 worldwide. Each one offers a variety of approaches in helping men and women seeking to live their lives through the filter of their faith not through the filter of their same-sex attraction in a number of different ways:
    1. Professional- Professional counselors within our network can provide assistance to those seeking this option.
    2. Pastoral- Discipleship for those dealing with same-sex attraction are available through our churches in The Exodus Church Association.
    3. Peer- Many people who have been affected by same-sex attraction now offer support, resources and education to others seeking help.
  • FUNDED BY ANY PARTICULAR ORGANIZATION: Many organizations and individuals support our work.
  • A MINISTRY THAT PURSUES INDIVIDUALS UNINTERESTED IN SUPPORT:  The testimonies of those within Exodus in and of themselves challenge men and women with the knowledge that a life beyond homosexuality is possible, but Exodus International does not pursue those uninterested in this option for their personal lives.
  • MOTIVATED BY POLITICS: While we care deeply for how social issues affect our world, Exodus takes no position on policies or politics. Our priority is to care for hurting whose same-sex struggles conflicts with their faith and to equip churches and ministries to do the same.
  • MOTIVATED BY RESULTS: Exodus is a group of individuals seeking to live lives that are consistent with the teachings of the Bible, which encompass issues surrounding our sexuality. Some may change their sexual behavior to align with biblical teaching on sexuality and may experience a shift in sexual attractions or orientation; others may not. We are motivated not by a shift in attraction or orientation, but by the desire to live a life consistent with our faith.



The number of affiliates across North America that offer hope and help to those affected by homosexuality. This number includes parachurch organizations as well as churches and therapists that comprise the Exodus network.


The number of combined staff working at Exodus International member organizations.


The combined number of individuals who annually attend our conference events (our regional conferences, Love Won Out, E3′s or our annual Exodus Freedom Conference).


The number of individuals who attend an Exodus member ministry each week.


The approximate number of contacts Exodus International headquarters and affiliates (via phone, e-mail and the web) receive world wide each year.

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