Friends of Exodus

Friends of Exodus are faithful supporters who invest monthly in the ministry of grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality. From ten dollars to five thousands dollars, each gift pledge helps us to accurately budget for the year ahead. With unprecedented opportunities and rapid growth, we are in need of friends like you!

Join Our Team

We would love to have you partner with us as a committed member of Friends of Exodus.

Your monthly gifts will enable us to keep Exodus financially sound and to continue growing as God provides us daily with new opportunities to serve.  Your support is greatly appreciated in this day when God has opened up amazing doors for ministry.

To pursue future opportunities, we need the financial stability to manage our tremendous growth, and the resources to look to the future with confidence. Please consider joining us as a Friend of Exodus.

How do I benefit? How will my pledges help Exodus? How will my gifts be used? Keep reading below…

I Want to Join. How Do I Start?

To participate, go to our Give Now page and make your monthly pledge by signing up for recurring payments.  Each month your credit or debit card will be charged the gift amount your have designated.

Your monthly gift, regardless of size, will be a great benefit to God’s work, rescuing individuals from the grip of homosexuality!

Please contact us for more information by calling toll free (888)264-0877, or send an email.

How Do I Benefit?

Joining our Friends of Exodus program will provide you with ease of giving and the satisfaction of contributing faithfully to an important work of God.

Convenient Giving Options: You can contribute by credit card or debit card. No more need to remember to send a check!

Joy in Partnership: The ministry of Exodus reaches youth, families and gay-identified inviduals around the world, who have no other voice of hope in their lives. Your support allows us to reach them.

As usual, you will receive statements reflecting your yearly giving. And if your circumstances change, a quick call or letter will alter or end your pledge at any time!

How Do Pledges Help Exodus?

Support-based ministries like Exodus seek to manage their resources wisely, but the uncertainty of seasonal giving makes planning difficult. We desire to honor God and our supporters by growing and building the ministry while staying out of debt.

The Friends of Exodus program will help us to budget wisely and grow our work in the directions God is leading.

Even as circumstances change and pledges are modified or ended, the advance notice allows us to adjust quickly to financial downturns. We are committed to managing our finances wisely and staying out of debt!

How Will My Gifts Be Used?

Your gifts will support the vital operations of Exodus. Be assured that we treat each dollar received as precious gifts and utilize them faithfully. Every dollar will be used to further our mission, mobilizing the Body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality.

If you would prefer to designate your monthly gift to a specific project or area of ministry please let us know.

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