Giving Opportunities

In today’s challenging economic environment, we depend upon faithful partners who help us meet the financial needs of the ministry.  These gifts allow us to continue getting out the message of grace and truth, and mobilizing God’s church to care for those in need. But we need the help of God’s people in order to accomplish this great undertaking.

You can be intimately involved in helping Exodus carry out its mission to bring grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality!

We are looking for extraordinarily dedicated people to partner with us in our greatest areas of ministry so that we can continue to bring grace and freedom to others:

Exodus Students: $200,000

Over the last five years, the programs and resources of Exodus Students have grown dramatically to include student tracks at all of our conferences, a variety of web, print and DVD resources, and training programs for colleges and churches.

With several role and funding changes, we now have the task of looking for an Assistant to the Exodus Students Department. This position is essential to continue our existing programs and to develop new resources and materials.

You can help Exodus to rescue our students from the control of today’s culture and media influence by partnering on one of these essential student projects:

  • Hire an assistant for the Exodus Students Department
  • Help to create new resources for churches and college campuses
  • Equip pastors and student workers through training events
  • Funding to enhance Exodus Students website

Love Won Out (LWO): $45,000 – 3 events yearly

Exodus has been given the tremendous responsibility of taking over the Love Won Out conference series. We are both humbled and excited that God would find us worthy of such an endeavor and stand ready to move forward!

Join with us now as we commit to Love Won Out being the powerful event it has always been, dedicated to helping the church better understand and more effectively reflect biblical truth and Christ-like compassion to youth and families affected by homosexuality.

  • Help fund multiple Love Won Out events in 2011.
  • Help fund several special youth events associated with Love Won Out.
  • Develop and produce materials to be used for each event.
  • Give to provide scholarship help to those struggling financially

Exodus Church Association (ECA): $3,500 / Each Event

After developing the ECA in 2007, we began to see a remarkable new openness from churches who desire to be equipped by Exodus to meet the needs of individuals, families and entire communities affected by homosexuality.  In just a short time the ECA has grown to over 140 churches nationwide. These churches provide a safe place for a hurting individual to come to Christ and grow in grace and truth.

Will you join us in our commitment to train and equip church leaders, and to significantly grow the number of committed ECA churches?

  • Educate church/ministry leaders by scheduling 8 equipping events across the country in 2011
  • Add 50 churches to the ECA in 2011
  • Development of new resources and curriculum for church leaders

Building Loan: $896,000 or $6,250 monthly

We feel that buying a permanent home for Exodus rather than making monthly lease payments showed good stewardship and also provides a lasting investment for the future of the ministry.

You can help us go a step further by assisting Exodus to pay off the building as soon as possible so that the funds currently budgeted monthly for the loan commitment can go back into vital ministry programs.

  • We continue to be thankful for the home God has provided for Exodus and it is our prayer that the funds would be provided to retire the mortgage within the next five years.

International Freedom Conference: $25,000

The Exodus International Freedom Conference provides a safe place for individuals and families who have loved ones who struggle with or embrace homosexuality to find real answers and receive ministry support.

Each year there is an opportunity to invest into the lives of those who need financial assistance in order to attend this life-changing event.

Your special gift of a scholarship provides an offer of hope for the freedom so many strugglers are desperate for and a great way to give back.

  • Provide scholarships for those unable to attend without assistance.
  • Fund special ministry events held during the conference for youth, church leaders and couples.

Publications/Web Design: $10,000

With over 400,000 people already contacting the Exodus office, our ministries, and visiting our website each year, it is our desire to reach even more people through the vast number of opportunities available through new communication outlets.  There is a great need to hire addition staff. A part-time communications and web strategy consultant is needed to improve our communications with people looking for help, the monthly newsletter, email newsletter, and other communication projects.

You can partner with us to reach thousands with the message of hope and freedom!

  • Help with the design and development costs of our Monthly Newsletters, Electronic Newsletters, and Informational Brochure.
  • Help to produce Exodus Podcasts
  • Fund a part time communications consultant for our e-newsletter and web updates.
  • Help to design and publish quality materials and resources

In-Kind Gifts that Greatly Help the Ministry

We are in critical need of new office furniture, equipment and other services such as landscaping and certain other enhancements to our building. If you own a business and would like to donate materials or workmanship we would like to hear from you!

  • Desks, office chairs and conference room furniture – trying to be good stewards most of our office furniture was purchased previously used and after several years is now in serious need of replacement.
  • New computers and office machines
  • Building enhancements – building was purchased with all original fixtures, countertops and cabinets from the 1980’s. We are in need of updated bathroom / kitchen fixtures and cabinets.

If you need further information on any of these ongoing ministry programs or would like to be directly involved, please contact our office toll free at: 888-264-0877.

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