Partnering in Prayer with Exodus

Have you ever stopped to think that prayer is a holy partnership together with Christ? When we pray—as well as when we serve with our time, talent or treasures —we are co-laborers with Christ. Oswald Chambers said, “Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Spirit carries on intercession in us on earth; and we the saints have to carry on intercession for all men.”

For the past 35 years, Exodus has been committed to prayer. It’s what undergirds every facet of this ministry. God has given us the awesome privilege of partnering with Him in bringing about the advance of His Kingdom on earth.

We are passionate about reaching hurting individuals and families for Jesus Christ—and we know prayer is the key.

Every week we pray as a staff for the many prayer requests that are mailed in. And many of you who write in tell us that you are praying for Exodus.

First of all, we are so very grateful for your prayers on our behalf – we could not make it through without your faithfulness!

And now more than ever, we would like you to partner with us to seek God’s will for Exodus while making sure Jesus Christ is lifted up in all aspects of our ministry.

By faithful prayer, we can all experience great joy as we join with God as He gives us direction and vision for the future of Exodus!

Here are some areas of ministry and projects that are most in need of prayer in the coming year:

Exodus Staff and Network – We are so thankful for the talented and dedicated staff that God has brought to Exodus and our members, who are committed to serving in their communities. The challenge we now face is that with new ministry opportunities comes the need for more staffing. Please pray:

  • For wisdom, encouragement and protection for our immediate staff and the Membership Network staff members who so tirelessly serve every day.
  • For resources to hire additional staff
  • For God to give our Executive staff clear vision and wisdom for the future of Exodus.

Exodus Church Association (ECA) – We have over 140 committed church affiliates within ECA to provide grace and ministry support to individuals and families. Individuals and families are now able to easily discover local churches where they can find both biblical teaching on sexuality and a healing community with life-giving relationships. Please pray:

  • To double the number of churches in 2011
  • For wisdom and insight as we develop curriculum and study guides for church leaders
  • To provide the financial resources to provide training workshops in key cities for pastors and student leaders. (We would like to conduct at least 8 workshops in 2011).

Exodus Conferences and Events – The Love Won Out conference series and our annual International Freedom Conference are life changing events that provide ministry support to individuals, students and families. We also provide vital education and training during these events for pastors and church leaders. Please pray:

  • For scholarships for those who would like to attend but are having financial difficulties.
  • For each speaker and workshop teacher that God would provide divine inspiration and wisdom while preparing their materials.
  • For each attendee that God will do an incredible work and that lives will forever be changed!
  • For the staff as we will need strength, wisdom and a hedge of protection around us as we accomplish God’s will during each event.

Exodus Students – This is one of the most important ministry areas of Exodus. The need to rescue our teens from the influence of our current culture and media climate is one of the greatest battles we face. Please pray:

  • A great need – that God will send just the right person for the assistant to Exodus Students.
  • To provide the financial resources to develop new campus and youth related materials for schools and student pastors.
  • Opportunities to reach campuses with Exodus’ message of hope.

Exodus Women’s Ministries – Young women are experimenting with homosexuality and bisexuality at alarming rates that were unheard of even five years ago. How to minister to questioning young women are main issues we are asked about by youth ministers and campus leaders. Please pray:

  • For funds to research and develop new resources designed specifically for young women that are questioning their sexuality.
  • Doors to open for speaking to young women on college campuses.
  • Promotion of new resources and programs on a national level.

Exodus Building Fund – We believe that owning our building verses paying monthly lease payments shows good and responsible stewardship. By paying off our mortgage as quickly as possible, we will cut our monthly expenses enabling us to further invest resources back in the future of Exodus. Please pray:

  • For God to send the right person or persons to help us pay the mortgage off within the next five years.
  • To rent out some of the downstairs space to another non-profit. This will help off-set our current monthly building expenses.
  • To keep repairs and maintenance down to a minimum.

Thank you for your prayers!!

– The Exodus Team

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