Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to help? We would love your assistance either in our headquarters or with one of our member agencies!

Volunteering at Headquarters

Our headquarters in Orlando, Florida is our center for conferences, media, outreach, education and church equipping.

We have several opportunities for volunteers with an administrative background or with special skills or expertise (graphic design, web development, marketing, etc). Volunteers in the national office require strong references and are ideally located in Orlando (with some exceptions).

To learn more about volunteering at the headquarters, please give us a call.

Volunteering with a Member Agency

Our member agencies are usually an easier way to begin volunteering with Exodus. They offer a variety of ways for you to become involved:

  • You can volunteer your time – Helping out even a few hours a week with office duties would be a huge blessing to them.
  • You can offer your gifts and talents – Maybe you are gifted in music and they need a worship leader for their support group meetings or you love to cook and they need snacks for their meetings. Anything from office cleaning to helping with accounting, website or printing needs may be a tremendous help to them.
  • You can pray for them – Ministry leaders know the importance of having people praying for their needs and the needs of their participants. What an encouragement it is to know people are praying!
  • You can bless them financially – Most of our ministries operate on very small budgets. They can use your donations or maybe you are knowledgeable in fund-raising and can help with that.
  • You can help spread the word – If you are a pastor or church leader, you could invite the ministries to present at your church. Maybe you have connections to local radio, tv or print media and can help with advertising.
  • Maybe you want to be even more involved – Ministries are always looking for good leaders, teachers, mentors, and board members.

Please pray about how you can become involved in this great ministry! Contact your local ministry by going to our Find Help page.

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