Gentle Restorers


This weekend I went “hiking” with a friend. I put hiking in quotations because it really doesn’t exist in Florida. But as we went along I saw a butterfly violently flitting around on the ground. I crouched down to examine the erratic moving insect. Part of its wing … [Read more...]

My First Freedom Conference – Letter from Alan Chambers for March 2012


In June 1993 I attended my first Exodus International Freedom Conference. I was an immature college student who had yet to share with my parents that I had same-sex attractions and was seeking help to surrender them to the Lordship of Christ.  Because I was dependent on my … [Read more...]

Exodus at Jeanne Mayo Youth Leader Conference

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Exodus is at Jeanne Mayo's National Youth Leader Conference this week in Atlanta, GA. Please pray for us as we offer resources and help to those who stop by. As we seek to equip youth pastors, take a look at this great article written by Jeffrey Wallace, a youth pastor … [Read more...]

Alan Chambers to Speak at Temecula, CA Church


For all those living in southern California, Exodus International president, Alan Chambers, will be speaking at all weekend services at Rancho Community Church March 10th and 11th. Check their website for times. All our welcome. Below is a brief article written by one of the … [Read more...]

I Am God’s Favorite Little Weirdo. You Are Too.

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Randy Thomas wrote a great post on his blog recently. A portion is posted below. To read the entire post, click here. Back when I was coming of age, I was weird. Still kind of am but … really … I was so.very.weird. I was the male version of Ally Sheedy’s character in … [Read more...]

Being Human

being human syfy posters

Sometimes I wonder how I get sucked in to certain shows. One I recently became hooked on is Syfy’s Being Human. This fantasy series revolves around three roommates attempting to live “normal” lives despite being a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf. I know, it sounds … [Read more...]

Renewed Hope Amidst Setbacks


After experiencing a year of setbacks, how can I embrace the New Year with renewed hope? It’s a New Year, and time for reflecting on the past 12 months, looking for ways to improve or change. Thinking back may bring you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Or you … [Read more...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is on its way. We see it all around us: the malls are decorated; homes are lit up; and the music is everywhere. There’s something different about this season, isn’t there? For me, Christmas is like a warm, nostalgic … [Read more...]

The Act of Thankfulness


This time of year most people tend to reflect on life, relationships, and experiences. Experiences of the past eleven months or so are measured by goals planned a year ago. We look at life, what we’ve done, and things given to us or taken away with joy or regret. These … [Read more...]

A Story You Don’t Hear Too Often


You may have heard stories of individuals in the gay community being harmed by those who hold to a biblical position regarding homosexuality.  I realize that in some cases, people have been harmed and that grieves me to know that those of us who are to represent Christ … [Read more...]