A Changing World – Letter from Alan Chambers May 2013

In 2009 I spent ten days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Prior to going, I spent time researching the country, its people, and the state religion of Malaysia—Islam.  Months before my trip I called one of my Malaysian friends and asked her a number of questions about how the … [Read more...]

Rescued from Reorientation


I’ve had the unique experience of spending the past 10 years heavily involved in Exodus ministries.  The early years were often difficult because I had to navigate conflicting messages, but I couldn’t be more grateful I remained in those circles.  I’m grateful … [Read more...]

What Hasn’t Changed – Letter from Alan Chambers for August 2012

Alan Chambers

There is a lot of talk these days about Exodus International’s drastic changes.  Some former Exodus leaders have relinquished their membership in our organization and have formed a new one around a set of beliefs and ideals that ironically represent a real drastic change … [Read more...]

The Church and Homosexuality: Ten Commitments


Kevin DeYoung writes a great article at The Gospel Coalition about how we should talk about homosexuality. Here is some great perspective! Of the many complexities involving the church and homosexuality, one of the most difficult is how the former should speak of the … [Read more...]

When Christ Shapes Culture


I’m a Millennial. I grew up in a landscape that left me embarrassed to say, “I’m a Christian.” No one is perfect, but the culture wars the church had been involved with for a few decades before I entered the world in ’85, left a sour taste in many people’s … [Read more...]

The Cross In Culture

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"The cross is one of our most robust, timeless, cultural symbols. No matter how dark our culture may grow, it just won’t go away. Artists mock the cross, Christians boast in it, others ignore it. But after 2000 years, it continues to define our faith. Is it a sign of … [Read more...]

Agents of Redemption


Dan Nold, a pastor of a church in State College--hometown to Penn State and the recent turmoil of sexual abuse scandal with one of the football coaches--provides great insight for the Church in being an agent of redemption amidst turmoil and strife. I think this is extremely … [Read more...]

Exodus at Jeanne Mayo Youth Leader Conference

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Exodus is at Jeanne Mayo's National Youth Leader Conference this week in Atlanta, GA. Please pray for us as we offer resources and help to those who stop by. As we seek to equip youth pastors, take a look at this great article written by Jeffrey Wallace, a youth pastor … [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron and the Backlash


Media is abuzz with the recent interview Kirk Cameron did on Piers Morgan Tonight. Celebrities, GLAAD, and many others are outraged by Cameron’s response to the issue of gay marriage and the morality of homosexuality. Let’s face it, talking about homosexuality from a … [Read more...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is on its way. We see it all around us: the malls are decorated; homes are lit up; and the music is everywhere. There’s something different about this season, isn’t there? For me, Christmas is like a warm, nostalgic … [Read more...]