Help! My Parents Are Clueless!

Close-up of a young couple looking confused

I remember thinking something like this at the age of 15 after coming out to my parents. I grew up in a Christian home where we went to church every Sunday. Mom sang in the choir and dad juggled hats as Sunday school teacher and deacon. The church I grew up in looked more … [Read more...]

My First Freedom Conference – Letter from Alan Chambers for March 2012


In June 1993 I attended my first Exodus International Freedom Conference. I was an immature college student who had yet to share with my parents that I had same-sex attractions and was seeking help to surrender them to the Lordship of Christ.  Because I was dependent on my … [Read more...]

The Girl Next Door and Seizing the Now

boy looking out a window

Her name was Amber—the precociously beautiful girl next door. Born only a few months apart, we grew up together, played together, and dreamed together. Most days I’d hop over the wooden posts and stand in her driveway. With a stick in hand I’d shout, … [Read more...]

His Kindness


I left my wife in 1996. I was a mess of confusion and frustration and anger.  My Christianity had primarily been a force for behavior modification and for years I had fought to keep my behavior in check.  I was fearful of God’s disfavor with me and I was fearful that my … [Read more...]

Alan Reflects on GCN


Dear Friends, Homosexuality has superseded religion as the most divisive issue discussed in our world today.  Rarely is a discussion had without deeply passionate people sharing deeply personal stories and convictions.  Add to that the nuances of language and the … [Read more...]

It Is Well With My Soul – Real Voices for January 2012


It Is Well With My Soul by Richard Morton Growing up as the son of a preacher, I faithfully attended church services.  During my teenage years I realized that I struggled with same-sex attractions, but sadly the only time that homosexuality was mentioned at my church, it … [Read more...]

The True Gift That Satisfies


Do you ever formulate a plan in your mind of how to make your Christmas better with the family? Maybe you’re like me and decide to take the reigns on Christmas traditions, parties, or another Christmas activity. Perhaps you avoid certain relatives. You might be the only … [Read more...]

It’s In the Cards


Joe Dallas posted a great article on his website today encouraging us to be more proactive in our relationships. For the full article click here. The volume of physical Christmas cards coming into the Dallas home has gone way down this year, replaced by online greetings, … [Read more...]

Adopted Into the Family – Letter from Alan Chambers for December 2011


We have been talking a lot about adoption this month at the Chambers house.  As most of you know, Leslie and I adopted our kids at birth. Because Isaac and Molly are just 4 1/2 months apart we have always had to answer questions of passers-by who would inquire, "Oh, are … [Read more...]

Year End Tradition – Taking a Spiritual Inventory


Great post by our dear friend, Kathy Koch today. You can go here to read more. As the last month of the year begins today, allow me to share one of my end-of-year traditions. Although I do this regularly, I especially look forward to doing it as one year closes and another … [Read more...]