Leslie Chambers Tackles Heterosexuality, Hyper-Grace, and Offers Hope

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Have you ever wondered what people think of you? As my husband is Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus International, I have. At present, he is somewhat of a conundrum for a lot of people. There seems to be some confusion about who he is, what he is saying and what he … [Read more...]

Exodus Week-End Review #6 – October 26th, 2012

Exodus Week-End Review #6 – October 26th, 2012 (Please “Like” and “Share” the video to help spread the word. Thank you!) In today’s Exodus Week-End Review video we cover:  Ministry Highlight: Truth Ministry - Spartanburg/Greeneville South Carolina Resource … [Read more...]

Exodus Week-End Review #5 – October 19th, 2012

Exodus Week-End Review #5 - October 19th, 2012 (Please "Like" and "Share" the video to help spread the word. Thank you!) In today's Exodus Week-End Review video we cover: Thank you for your feedback on these videos! Ministry Highlight: Californian Member … [Read more...]

When Christ Shapes Culture


I’m a Millennial. I grew up in a landscape that left me embarrassed to say, “I’m a Christian.” No one is perfect, but the culture wars the church had been involved with for a few decades before I entered the world in ’85, left a sour taste in many people’s … [Read more...]

Gentle Restorers


This weekend I went “hiking” with a friend. I put hiking in quotations because it really doesn’t exist in Florida. But as we went along I saw a butterfly violently flitting around on the ground. I crouched down to examine the erratic moving insect. Part of its wing … [Read more...]

The Girl Next Door and Seizing the Now

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Her name was Amber—the precociously beautiful girl next door. Born only a few months apart, we grew up together, played together, and dreamed together. Most days I’d hop over the wooden posts and stand in her driveway. With a stick in hand I’d shout, … [Read more...]

His Kindness


I left my wife in 1996. I was a mess of confusion and frustration and anger.  My Christianity had primarily been a force for behavior modification and for years I had fought to keep my behavior in check.  I was fearful of God’s disfavor with me and I was fearful that my … [Read more...]

Alan Reflects on GCN


Dear Friends, Homosexuality has superseded religion as the most divisive issue discussed in our world today.  Rarely is a discussion had without deeply passionate people sharing deeply personal stories and convictions.  Add to that the nuances of language and the … [Read more...]

I Am God’s Favorite Little Weirdo. You Are Too.

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Randy Thomas wrote a great post on his blog recently. A portion is posted below. To read the entire post, click here. Back when I was coming of age, I was weird. Still kind of am but … really … I was so.very.weird. I was the male version of Ally Sheedy’s character in … [Read more...]

Being Human

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Sometimes I wonder how I get sucked in to certain shows. One I recently became hooked on is Syfy’s Being Human. This fantasy series revolves around three roommates attempting to live “normal” lives despite being a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf. I know, it sounds … [Read more...]