Kirk Cameron and the Backlash


Media is abuzz with the recent interview Kirk Cameron did on Piers Morgan Tonight. Celebrities, GLAAD, and many others are outraged by Cameron’s response to the issue of gay marriage and the morality of homosexuality. Let’s face it, talking about homosexuality from a … [Read more...]

Following Christ in Restoring


Hearing countless stories, I understand why many in the gay community are upset, hurt, and frustrated by the church. Over the past 60 years or so, the gap widened and deepened between the gay community and Christ’s community. Some churches allowed the divide to grow wider, … [Read more...]

An “Almost Prodigal” Story – Letter from Alan Chambers for July 2011

Alan Chambers

Dear Friends, Last month I shared a story with you about a young man that wasn't quite sure which direction he was going to take related to his same-sex attractions.  I mentioned that he was looking for more than the rights and wrongs of religion.  I also reflected on … [Read more...]