Question of the Week – How Do I Respond to a Proposed GSA in our Local School?

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Entering The Promised Land – Letter from Alan Chambers for September 2012

Alan Chambers

Twenty-one years ago this month I walked into a local Exodus Member Ministry for help.   I was 19 years old and a church kid—a believer in the one, true Christ.  I was also 8 or 9 years into my struggle with same-sex attraction. SSA was, at that time, all consuming; … [Read more...]

Responding to a Confessing Struggler


This was originally posted on the Exodus blog, but I thought it would be pertinent for the students blog too. If you are a friend, youth leader, or college pastor, this is a helpful resource to you! When I began my sophomore year in college, I had been attending an Exodus … [Read more...]

Getting Your Feet Wet – Letter from Alan Chambers for May 2011

Alan Chambers

This letter from Alan Chambers appears in both our offline and online newsletters. To receive this letter along with the full newsletter online via email or offline through the postal service please sign up here. --- My kids started school this year and are in pre-K … [Read more...]