Leslie Chambers Tackles Heterosexuality, Hyper-Grace, and Offers Hope

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Have you ever wondered what people think of you? As my husband is Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus International, I have. At present, he is somewhat of a conundrum for a lot of people. There seems to be some confusion about who he is, what he is saying and what he … [Read more...]

John Paulk’s Shocking Secret


The following is cross-posted from Randy Thomas' personal blog. --- In 1995 I met a lot of people at the Exodus International Freedom conference. I met and eventually become friends with Joe Dallas, Sy Rogers, Bob Davies, Alan Chambers, Mary Heathman, Brad Sargent, and … [Read more...]

Have You Been Taken Captive?


Great insight from pastor, Paul David Tripp: When I was in seminary preparing for ministry, I never imagined what I've encountered since then as a counselor. So many times I've sat with confused and discouraged people, people who had made regrettable personal decisions that … [Read more...]

His Kindness


I left my wife in 1996. I was a mess of confusion and frustration and anger.  My Christianity had primarily been a force for behavior modification and for years I had fought to keep my behavior in check.  I was fearful of God’s disfavor with me and I was fearful that my … [Read more...]

It’s In the Cards


Joe Dallas posted a great article on his website today encouraging us to be more proactive in our relationships. For the full article click here. The volume of physical Christmas cards coming into the Dallas home has gone way down this year, replaced by online greetings, … [Read more...]

Year End Tradition – Taking a Spiritual Inventory


Great post by our dear friend, Kathy Koch today. You can go here to read more. As the last month of the year begins today, allow me to share one of my end-of-year traditions. Although I do this regularly, I especially look forward to doing it as one year closes and another … [Read more...]

The Act of Thankfulness


This time of year most people tend to reflect on life, relationships, and experiences. Experiences of the past eleven months or so are measured by goals planned a year ago. We look at life, what we’ve done, and things given to us or taken away with joy or regret. These … [Read more...]

Freefalling in the Danger Zones of Life

I know this season in my life the Lord wants to strap me to Himself, come to the edge of the platform and freefall into the “danger zones” of my relational and emotional life.

Last week I went skydiving. I have one word that doesn’t even begin to describe the experience, but will have to do…PHENOMENAL! It was truly the most incredible experience I have ever had. The entire way up to 18,000 feet, which by the way is the highest tandem jump in … [Read more...]

Choosing Life Not Death – Real Stories for October 2011

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This article appears in both our offline and online newsletters.  To receive articles like this along with the full newsletter online via email or offline through the postal service please sign up here. Choosing Life Not Death by Julie Rodgers If you had asked me at age … [Read more...]

Getting Your Feet Wet – Letter from Alan Chambers for May 2011

Alan Chambers

This letter from Alan Chambers appears in both our offline and online newsletters. To receive this letter along with the full newsletter online via email or offline through the postal service please sign up here. --- My kids started school this year and are in pre-K … [Read more...]