The E-Factor Diet Review

the e-factor diet review

Are you one of the many people affected by the onset of obesity? Looking for a way to lose the pounds and keep them off forever? Have you been looking for a new way to lose weight?

Insightful and original, The E-Factor Diet has been created with the mission of helping reverse the pandemic of obesity taking the world population.

Who Is The Author?

Created by John Rowley, The E-Factor Diet has been well received, due to the popularity of the author. Having authored bestseller Old School New Body a few years ago, Rowley holds the accolade of having changed public perception about fitness. Long anticipated, this is John’s follow up protocol, which has taken years of research to perfect.

A fitness expert, adept at nutrition advice, John is revered within the dieting industry for being unafraid to take on challenges and change people’s views.

What is The E-Factor Diet program about?

Innovatively, underpinning The E-Factor Diet is the importance of the body’s histamine response to various foodstuffs. Some foods trigger a histamine reaction that results in issues such as bloating, weight gain, decelerated metabolism and fatigue. As the eBook points out, some foods that are normally considered to be helpful when dieting can also produce this kind of reaction.

With a focus on the time of day at which people consume their food can dramatically decrease or increase fat burning. John’s The E-Factor Diet provides a holistic solution to such problems, in addition to activating fat burning hormones within the body. As a result, this program offers solutions to reducing stress, losing weight and increasing energy.

This innovative diet approach harnesses the power of a histamine response, which is similar to when a bee stings you. It centers around countering reactions within the body.

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Why is it popular?

The popularity of Rowley’s book is attributable to three main factors: his credibility, its accessibility and last but not least because it is a highly effective program with support of positive testimonials and before and after shots.

These days, when our lives are so busy, many people seek the no nonsense approach offered in The E-Factor Diet and throughout John uses accessible language that engenders trust. He even uses the analogy of the diet teaching readers how to be more like a pet, and be discerning in their food choices, as opposed to knowingly eating foods that harm us.

Incorporating a multimedia experience makes this a portable plan, that can be accessed via most digital devices, to make learning an anytime experience.

What is required in The E-Factor Diet?

Flexible in its approach, The E-Factor Diet sets itself apart from competitors because it isn’t a workout program. A pure and simple diet program, with a range of guides and manuals characterize this weight loss protocol.

The best thing about this protocol is that it is easy to implement by anyone interested in losing weight and gaining control over many other contributing factors to wellbeing. Safe, simple, and effective, this plan is created to fit within the busy modern lifestyle we are all so familiar.

The E-Factor Diet is completely comprehensive because it is backed by scientific principles, which has been trialled. Different to many other diets, which prohibit specific foods, or encourage you to eat only a measly 500 calories per day. Simple, yet effective, this plan was designed to help you choose foods to promote faster fat burning and metabolism. In turn, this accelerates weight loss. It teaches you how to avoid triggering the histamine response by removing some foods from the diet.

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What exactly is The E-Factor Diet?

Focusing on treating each meal as part of an overall plan, and celebrating successes in order to keep motivation, this is a combination of several different guides and manuals. Accessible almost immediately after purchase, the program offers a comprehensive grocery shopping guide, detailed meal planners and a guide to sticking to the plan, even when away from home.

A major problem people have when embarking on a diet plan is sticking with it over time. What demarcates this as an excellent program is its flexibility offers some room for manoeuvre, and works on the basis of not guilt-tripping people into rigidly following rules at all times. You can occasionally cheat.

Wide ranging in its coverage, you will gain access to a nutrition guide; demonstrating how to make delicious, diet approved smoothies that stick to the plan.

Also included is an audio seminar highlighting the importance of performing exercises that help to decrease joint pain. This is vital because many individuals carrying excess weight can also incur joint problems as a side effect. You will also monitor your level of activity, using the charts and advice outlined.

Finally, you will gain access to monthly calls with John and his team to reap the rewards of support, and motivation; helping you achieve goals. Of course The E-Factor Diet contains largely more detailed information, which helps you tackle overall fitness.

Rowley has created an entirely comprehensive guide to dieting, which includes everything from diet and exercise guidance to printables.

What makes this different to other plans?

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Unlike many other diet plans, this program does not require a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, and is easy to implement. Instead small tweaks and changes need to be employed here and there, which effectively breaks it down into bite sized chunks.

Not only will you see the weight melt off like butter on a griddle pan, but you will reap the rewards of boosted energy, shinier hair, rejuvenated skin and eyes, and a more youthful appearance.

The E-Factor Diet sets a new benchmark, in terms of being simple and effective, with its approach. Flexible and with the normal person in mind, there are no complicated rules, nor are users made to feel guilty for falling off the wagon. Anyone who has previously struggled with weight loss will benefit from this program, which celebrates successes. Each meal, each day, each workout is a step toward the new you. Order your copy and get started today.

So confident in his product is he that Rowley offers a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that if the product does not work for you, then you can return it with no questions asked, and receive a 100% refund.


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