The Online Dog Trainer Review

the online dog trainer review

The Online Dog Trainer provides you online video tutorials to correct and discipline your dog’s behavioral issues.

Have you ever been out walking and noticed that some dog owners just have a better handle on their dogs than others? Have you watched with envy as dog owners seem to literally have their animals eating out of the palm of their hand, whilst yours struggles to come when called, much less perform any tricks? Have you considered obedience classes, only to feel embarrassed by your dog’s – well, lack of obedience?

Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer is an online program that covers every aspect of dog training in great detail. Whether you are the proud owner of a pup or pestered by an older pooch, Doggy Dan has created the most comprehensive guide to getting the behaviour you want from your pet.

About Dan Abdelnoor

The credentials Dan “Doggy Dan” Abdelnoor lays claim to make him one of the most qualified people in the world to work with a variety of dogs. Based in Auckland New Zealand, he offers one to one training sessions for dog owners based in New Zealand, and has since been on TV, authored several books, campaigned for animal rights, and even been awarded recognition from the SPCA as a dog trainer.

These features all make him an experience and qualified person to train others in training their dogs, and Dan has made a career out of doing what the loves the most. Furthermore, as an animal rights campaigner, he is completely firm on one point, which is that animals need boundaries, in order to get the behaviour you want from them.

Passionate, committed and knowledgeable, Dan has quite an impressive following on his social media, and as well as being professional and expert, he is also friendly and down to earth. He is an advocate of the power of reward and positive reinforcement, which makes his expertise lend itself well to owners who really adore their dogs, and want to demonstrate love as well as respect. With his credentials as an animal rights activist, you can rest assured that Doggy Dan will always prioritise imparting actual knowledge and techniques that help you and your pet to lead a fulfilling life together, and focuses very much on the empowerment of his readers.

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What Are Some Features and Benefits of The Online Dog Trainer program?

The Online Dog Trainer offers some incredible benefits, compared with any book or guide you might find. This is an all in one guide to behaviour, dog psychology, and characteristics, as well as having an included forum, which allows you to share your story, and learn from others.

Being an entirely digital site, the multimedia centre can be accessed from anywhere on any device, from computers to smartphones, tablets and other readers in between. The special golden rules of becoming pack leader are printable, so you can be reminded of them wherever you are.

Dan has catered to all learning styles by providing content in a range of media – articles, audio files and videos. It’s the most in-depth training you can have without going to obedience classes, and is available at a fraction of that cost. Accessible online, this comprehensive guide to managing dog behaviour is convenient, as it allows you to learn the secrets of dog training from the comfort of your home.

Detailed and descriptive articles offer solutions to a range of different behaviour problems. For example under the heading of puppy training alone there are five sub sections from the Introduction To Puppy Training to General Health, Getting Started, Meeting The World and finally Behavioral Issues. These are even broken down into more specific tasks and articles relevant to your puppy, which means that this is the most personalised training program out there.

However, Dan’s package is not just for puppies. The dog behaviour section is even more varied and deals with everything from examples of well-behaved dogs to showing how to teach your dog to swim. With several articles of combining parenting and dog training, the program is very intuitive and deals with some of the frequently asked fears and questions dog owners, or even prospective dog owners have.

With sections that even discuss the nuances of dog behaviour, The Online Dog Trainer does not simply answer problems, but rather acts as a go-to guide for anything you ever wanted to know about dog behaviour and psychology as well training.

What makes this program so effective is also its multimedia suite, which mean it’s good for the environment; something important to god lovers, and Doggy Dan. This also means it’s lightweight and can be accessed anywhere. Effectively you can have over a decade of skills, experience and training in your pocket and at the tip of your fingertips, as soon as you have paid for it. No waiting around no hidden costs and just a superb relationship with your best friend as a result.

After trialling The Online Dog Trainer program at only just $1 for 3 days, you can pay for 6 months of access, which allows plenty of time to go through the extensive materials and really use them at your own pace. Since the articles and ideas are presented in video, audio and text form, there is something for all learning styles. Think of the amazing savings on obedience classes, which would cost at least $240.

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So Would We Recommend The Online Dog Trainer?

This is hands down the best dog training program we have come across, and as such we would definitely recommend it. It’s one of the most in-depth and comprehensive guides we have ever been affiliated with, due to the sheer volume of content that has been created, and its easy access.

Whether you have a brand new puppy, or an elderly dog who has started misbehaving, or if you are moving a new loved one or spouse into your house, The Online Dog Trainer will help you to feel well supported and guided in ensuring that your pooch is in safe paws, regarding all of the changes taking place.

Order a three day trial for just $3 and learn how to be leader of the pack, and still gain the respect from your canine buddy. Click the “Add To Cart” button below and get your subscription of The Online Dog Trainer today!


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