Beach Belly Review

Beach Belly Review

Beach Belly is the program women over 35 have been looking for. It’s based on the female anatomy – physically, mentally and emotionally and as everyone knows, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. In order to have successful and sustainable weight loss, you need a program that’s designed for women and designed by a woman. This ensures the information is not only valuable but just as effective – and that’s exactly what this program is, but it’s also so much more than that.

About the Beach Belly Program

Beach Belly is a health and fitness program for women over the age of 35. The program has six different components, all of which target a unique topic and approach to your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. 15-Day Flat Belly Blueprint for Women
  3. Begin Burning Belly Fat in Just 12 Hours
  4. Strip Away Belly Fat in Just 4 Minutes
  5. 100 Belly Blasting Green Smoothies

Since the information is strategically separated, following the program is incredibly easy and just as easy to refer back to if you need help in the future.

Within the components mentioned, you receive all kinds of tips, tricks, tools, exercise videos, recipes, smoothies and information about effective weight loss for women. It’s highly based on stopping the menstruation hormone, which is to blame for the way women store fat. This molecule spikes during menstruation and menopause which confuses the body and mind (no kidding!). This results in the body storing fat instead of using it as an energy source.  Thus, the stubborn belly fat, inner tube, muffin top, love handles – whatever you want to call them – makes its appearance.

By focusing on stopping this molecule, you can increase metabolism, shed weight, fight off premature signs of aging, maintain health moods during your menstruation or menopause, and much more.  And of course, Beach Belly shows you how to do just that with the step-by-step guides provided within the various components.

As a bonus, the entire program is online. So, as soon as you buy it, you can get started. You can either bookmark the membership access or download the content onto your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. This allows you to access, complete and refer back to the program at your leisure.

It also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which allows you to try the program for two months before actually committing to it financially. However, as soon as you read the first couple of pages, you’ll quickly see just how valuable the program is; sgive it a couple of days and you’ll see how valuable it is.

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About the Creator Behind Beach Belly

Meredith Shirk is a mom, wife and the leading female fat loss expert. For the past 10 years, she has helped thousands of women lose the stubborn fat that many of us struggle with. Her approach is unique and specifically designed for women, which is definitely what separates her from all the rest. More importantly, it’s what makes Beach Belly so successful.

Brief Overview of the Beach Belly Program

To give you a better understanding of just how valuable and effective the Beach Belly program is, I’ve decided to give you an inside look at some of the things covered in each component. I can’t list them all or else we’d be here all day, but at least this way, you’ll be able to see how this system is a sustainable, viable and effective way to achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Quick Start Guide

Some of the topics within the quick start guide include how to get started right away (great for those of you who don’t want to read the entire program). You also receive a cheat sheet, day-by-day plan and several fat burning secrets, such as ingredients. Think avocado, cinnamon, cayenne, etc. The unique thing is that you’re also taught all the benefits of consuming these and how to do so on a regular basis.

15-Day Flat Belly Blueprint for Women

This is the quick start guide expanded. It’s the entire program, in detail. You learn how menstrual metabolism works, what’s causing you to gain weight, recipes for flushing your system and for fat burning boosting, information on foods, shopping lists and much more.

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Begin Burning Belly Fat in Just 12 Hours

This is a system to follow when you want to eliminate the toxins, boost metabolism, burn fat, strengthen your immune system and fight premature signs of aging right now, for the new 12 hours. It’s like a quick-acting, pick-me-up for whenever you need it.

Strip Away Belly Fat in Just 4 Minutes

This is where you will find the instructional workout videos to follow. You also have access to the workout guide, which breaks down the routines, gives you an exercise calendar, tips, tricks and much more.

100 Belly Blasting Green Smoothies

Now, it’s time to boost your body and kick it into high gear with delicious, healthy and natural smoothie recipes. Whatever you’re craving, whatever your goals, you’ll find various recipes to whip up something powerful and delicious.

You also receive three bonuses:

  • Free Fat Loss Expert Workout DVD
  • Free 99 Delicious Smoothie Recipe Cookbook
  • Free Coconut Oil Guide


As you can see, this system isn’t a fad diet, nor is it a “get fit quick” gimmick. While there are options to receive instant results in 4 minutes, 12 hours or 15 days, Beach Belly can be used forever. It’s a completely natural and healthy approach to weight loss that is based on your female body. And the best part is, the longer you commit to this healthy lifestyle, the more benefits you’ll receive. You also have 60 days to try it out, so you really have nothing to lose. You simply can’t go wrong with improving your life, achieving your health and fitness goals, and feeling (and looking) more amazing than ever. Plus, if you’re going to take advice from anyone, it should be from the leading women’s fat loss expert.


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