Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Originally posted 2015-05-08 11:50:20.

adonis golden ratio review

Ever wondered why some people seem to have the most alluring and attractive physique; perfectly proportioned, in spite of being unusual heights, they just balance? Well this actually turns out to be more mathematical than we had realized. A golden ratio is a natural mathematical shape that occurs in our lives to create symmetry and order.

This revelatory guide to weight control is centered around the golden ratio principal. Essentially rooted in the psychological principle, that we make snap judgements based on looks. Whilst confidence radiates from the outside in, this program has been designed to help achieve fitness based on the golden ration of shoulder to waist width.

Whether we like it or not, the world does operate on a system predetermined by mathematical beauty. For example, people in general are more likely to approach someone they perceive to be good looking. People who fit within the golden ration are more likely to be employed and have more success in attracting a mate.

Creator of this system, John Barban, studied classic attractive physiques in the form of classical art. As such he noticed the mathematical formula which determined the best shape and conditioning for the body. Much research concluded that the most significant factor in determining the proportions of a man’s physique is the ratio between the shoulders and waist. He names this the Adonis Index, which is used to calculate the right ratio for each individual. He discovered that the proportional ratio of shoulder circumference needs to be 1.618 time that of the waist circumference.

Who Is John Barban?

adonis golden ratio pdfStarting with who wrote the thing is a good place to understand the mind that has created the fitness program. Researching John assures you that the knowledge, experience, and research behind the Adonis Golden Ratio is bona fide and rooted in science. John’s credentials are those of a fitness expert with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees studied at Guelph in Canada in human biology and nutrition.

Completing graduate research at the University of Florida, John taught exercise physiology, whilst extending his research into the various areas of fitness and nutrition. John has worked in the dietary and sports supplement industry for a decade. Coaching the ice hockey team at the University of Guelph gave John the necessary experience of helping others to achieve their optimum fitness, which became a goal of his. On his travels, he met Kyle Leon a lauded and respected fitness coach who entirely endorses the program.

Secret Access

Upon purchasing Adonis Golden Ratio product, you automatically gain access to the Adonis Index community. This is an elite society of core men who are au fait with the program and are there to answer your questions. At the core of this program is the emotional support necessary to help you achieve your goals. This exclusive and secret access to a forum of other men who’ve used the program will help you to understand different perspectives on the program, and give you answers to concerns you may encounter. This is all as discreet as you want it to be; some men are shy about their fitness regime.

Accessing the Adonis Index community provides you with all the information and support you need to keep up morale during your twelve week stretch. Recent studies and the ‘selfie’ diet have proved that publicizing your fitness goals spurs you on. Unlike the selfie diet, the info you post and access on the Adonis Index community is completely confidential.

adonis golden ratio pdf

What’s included in the Adonis Golden Ratio?

This ground-breaking and innovative program is entirely tailored to you and your own physique. Engineered to calculate your shoulder and waist measurements and combine this with information about your weight, height, and age to design optimum workouts, appropriate diet, including calorie intake necessary for your frame. Armed with the shoulder and waist measurements required to calculate your optimum golden ratio, you can then decide if you are hoping to concentrate on fat loss or muscle gain.

Designed to span a 12 week period, this fitness program can be personalized by entering your own credentials. Highly rated and extremely successful, this fitness program is suited to any guy with any body shape or type, since it’s tailored to you and your own measurements. Positive testimonials have flooded in from around the globe, extoling the virtues of the Adonis Index.

How is it organized?

Separated into two sections: Nutrition and training information, the program is presented as a series of downloadable PDFs. Both The Nutrition Guide and the Training System contain a comprehensive plan for your program over the 12 week course. Bonus online video coaching is available through the extensive library, so you can see examples of how to work it.

There is a section on the role supplements play, or rather don’t play in a health regime. Predominantly opposed to using them, John explains how the majority of supplements are really just a con created by the industry to extract money from people. This is a very useful section, which empowers readers through enlightenment.

Additionally, the program comprises three different levels to accommodate the various levels of fitness achieved by different people. These are designed to be carried out sequentially. So for example, beginners cannot safely do the exercises recommended for those who already have a high level of fitness, and as such must work toward it. Tailored to your specific physique, this program helps everybody with any body physique to achieve their optimum physique.

Where can I order it?

Barban’s highly effective and popular guide to fitness the Adonis Golden Ratio, cannot be purchased in traditional bricks and mortar book stores or any other online shopping websites. The Adonis Golden Ratio program can only be purchased using the link below. Designed to be accessed on the variety of digital platforms out there, as soon as you hit the purchase button you can access the quality information laid out and the special forum.

You need not spend another day struggling to achieve your personal best: buy your copy now and get started on the road to a new you.

At just $47 for all of this and a copy of Abs and Arms Assault also by John Barban, 7 Days Out, by Kyle Leon, as well as free lifetime subscription to any updates. Included as well is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, which makes this a risk free purchase.

Get on track today with your personalized and exclusive plan.


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