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His Secret Obsession is a 213-page relationship guide that teaches women on rekindling the romance and passion in their relationship. If you feel your once passionate relationship with your significant other has dwindled, then this guide is definitely recommended for you.

What’s the key to a man’s heart? What is it that men crave, more than love, money, or even sex?

Believe it or not, there is a single trigger that can make any man, fall for a woman. The secret will build more meaningful, lasting relationships based on a solid foundation. It’s a secret that up to 99% of men and women are unaware of — are you intrigued by what it may be?

The answer lies in our emotional experiences. We make decisions based on what feels right, and emotion is what creates these experiences. After working as a relationship coach for years, the author of His Secret Obsession observed a critical cause and effect relationship — making a very important connection that is now changing the lives of women.

More importantly, this secret allows you to be yourself — no fake stuff, making you pretend you’re someone you’re not. After finishing this course, women are able to better understand the basis of positive relationships and the deep desires of men, allowing them to transform the ways in which men experience them.

About His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is for any woman who strives for something more. It’s for women who want to build positive, lasting relationships. Sharing his tips and ‘obsession secret’ — James Bauer has created a course that will make women more successful when interacting with their partner.

In order for a woman to capture a man’s heart, building a truly meaningful relationship, she must trigger his Hero Instinct. This is what pulls men towards relationships, fulfilling their ultimate desires — in relation to both meaning and purpose. Broken down into two key parts, readers will first learn how to recognize patterns, before discovering specific applications.

Part one is broken down into 11 modules, whereas part two offers another six modules. Finally, the course concludes with text message formulas. With over 200 pages, this in-depth course will be very rewarding, allowing you to develop new insights that will last a lifetime.

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About the Author

James Bauer has devoted his life to psychology and more specifically, relationships. For years, he studied the inner workings of a man’s mind, providing strategic advice to women. The author of Be Irresistible, James continues to share life-changing tips.

What Is His Secret Obsession All About?

Throughout this course, each module sets the stage for the following module, providing fascinating tips along the way. Although there is nothing revolutionary about what James Bauer has to say, it’s the way he delivers his knowledge that makes each module so insightful. You really do keep having those, ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Bauer’s goal is to dissect the secret longing of every man — first breaking the hero instinct down into three key parts. Each man has a drive: for meaningful achievement; to be a provider, and to gain respect. Even if you only begin to scratch the surface behind this course, you will see positive changes within your relationship.

Broken down into an easy-to-read format, this course is full of real-life examples, making each module easier to understand. One thing is for certain, a sense of purpose makes us feel alive — it is the ultimate reward. The first part of His Secret Obsession, is full of highly intuitive advice. By the time you reach part two, you will have a much deeper understanding of both the man you desire, and yourself.

For those struggling to relate to part one, part two is full of real life examples, as well as specific ways to implement the advice written in the first 11 modules. After all, what good is practical advice if you cannot apply it?

Finally, the course ends with a whole section on texting. Bauer thought this section was highly relevant within today’s modern society. As you know, we now often text in order to communicate with our romantic partner — are you properly grabbing your man’s attention? Are you enhancing his curiosity?

Whether you are trying to get a man back or you are just getting to know one another, this course is for you. Overall, His Secret Obsession pinpoints the needs and desires of any man, so that women can be more receptive to their inner desires.

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The Benefits of His Secret Obsession Benefit

If you’re wondering how this course will benefit you, just think of your current love life. Is something missing? Are you the best possible partner, that you can be — and in turn, experiencing the best possible relationship?

For women who are aiming to understand men better, this is an informative guide, and for some, can be life-changing. For those who cannot seem to attract the man they desire, this is the perfect starting point, helping them build — or in some cases, rebuild meaningful relationships.

For those in a dull relationship, this course may be the boost you need to spice up your love life. Also, since this course is an ebook format, it’s portable — allowing you to access it wherever you go. If you truly immerse yourself in each module and take action, you will not only improve your love life, but also develop a better understanding of human nature.


In conclusion, if you’re a woman who wants to win over your man, His Secret Obsession will help you do just that. In order to get the most out of this course, you will also need to put forth consistent effort, ensuring the best possible results. In its simple and easy-to-read format, each module can be understood and later applied with confidence.

Still unsure? If you’re unhappy with this ebook, simply contact support to receive a refund within the first 60 days. For those who have already undergone the program, they have shared their positive experiences because of those who are open to all this course offers — it works!

Download this informative guide for yourself — for just $47, you could connect with the man of your dreams! your dreamsyour dreams or reignite the flame in your dying relationship.


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