Metabolic Cooking Review

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metabolic cooking review

Have you heard about the latest craze to sweep the dieting world? Metabolic Cooking is creating recipes which help to promote a thermogenic, or fat burning effect within the body; optimizing fat loss when you’re eating, resting or exercising.

Who Are The Authors?

Dave Ruel and Karine Losier are joint authors of this effective fat burning program. A husband and wife team on a mission to change the public’s perception of diet cooking, the two are evidently committed to the principles of healthy eating.

Nicknamed “Lean Kitchen Queen” Losier has a master’s degree in psychology, which makes her focus on the benefits of having a positive attitude and confidence when trying to achieve weight loss and fitness goals. Husband Ruel, AKA “Muscle Cook” is a competitive bodybuilder, a professional Fitness Coach and certified Nutritionist who believes in making working out fun and accessible. A firm believer of creating meals that don not compromise on flavour or nutrients, he is passionate about this cause in this eBook.

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What Is Metabolic Cooking?

A comprehensive recipe guide, the aim of Metabolic Cooking is to help people realize the nutritional and health giving properties of eating a balanced and tailored diet. Based around the principles of Metabolic Thermo-Charge, the guide helps you to understand what metabolic power foods contain which can help your body burn more body fat. There is a science to the breaking down of nutrients as they are consumed, so basically you can burn calories literally as you eat them, when you use the right combinations. By way of example, our bodies expend when they metabolize protein, so a high protein food has a higher thermogenic effect than lower proteins.

The content of Metabolic Cooking explains how clinical research shows that thermogenic effect is heightened by aerobic endurance exercise that has been undertaken for a sustained time period. As a result, some foods are natural fat burners, which can then burn even more fat by accelerating metabolism with exercise.

Metabolic Cooking supports the ides of eating specific foods with a minimum of 15 g protein in each. As such, this demonstrates the vitality of protein within the program and its integral role into metabolic cooking.

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Why is this program so popular?

Metabolic Cooking is a professionally presented set of cookbooks, with a range of recipes to suit different lifestyles. No stone has been unturned by Ruel and Losier who wish to cater to every kind of diet plan. The reason for its increasing popularity can be attribute to three major factors. The first is that the information is easy to follow, attractively presented and full of great ideas and information. Multiple recipes include an excellent image to help you recreate them.

The information can either be printed off and taken from location to location, or indeed can be accessed digitally, which cuts down ion carbon footprint, and makes the invaluable lists, recipes and strategies completely portably, from anywhere.

Many years of research trial and error testing and nutritional investigation has been poured into the making of these comprehensive guides, which are written in a friendly and engaging style. A contributing factor to dieters faltering from their plan can be attributed to their failure to uncover comprehensive and delicious recipes. Plain old boiled chicken and broccoli just won’t cut it over a sustained period of time, and so many people revert to eating fatty foods. The idea behind John and Karine’s plan is to create a variety of tasty recipes that will essentially dupe you into losing weight without compromising on anything else.

Following the Fat Loss Optimizer guide, you are given all of the tools to create a balanced diet. Here, the color coded recipes help you to achieve this even with the tightest of time frames. Each food group is represented with a different color, which means you can grab something from each group (e.g proteins, carbs, fats and vegetables) easily.


One of the major factors making Metabolic Cooking so accessible is addressing different learning styles by making this a multimedia experience. Whilst the cookbooks themselves are easily printable or transportable, there is a video demonstration for most recipes, which is also accompanied by motivational music. This way the dieting seems sociable, and you really get a sense of trust from Dave and Karine.

For novice chefs, this also fosters a sense of confidence, as you can cook along with the team, and check on the progress of your dish compared to that depicted.

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Is it just a recipe book?

The short answer is no! This is so much more than just a cookbook, because of all of the added extras. From the aforementioned videos to the comprehensive meal planners and shopping list, this is a lifestyle approach.

Dave and Karine fully advocate the implementation of innovation within the kitchen, by using seasonings to bring out flavour. Whilst you can adhere to the recipes Dave and Karine have created, after time you will also have picked up the knowledge to help you make braver choices when creating your own meals, and you will have an idea of how to match flavour effectively.

An added bonus not to be overlooked is the true benefit of garnering all of the nutritional benefits present in herbs spices and other condiments. As such the recipes are helping you to fend of a range of illnesses, whilst boosting the immune system.

What’s Included?

In total you will receive access to 9 different cookbooks, which are broken down into the different meals: Smoothies; Breakfast; Fish & Seafood; Chicken & Poultry; Pork; Red Meat; Sides; Snacks and Vegetarian. This categorization means that it’s easy to avoid recipes continuing things you don’t eat, or conversely help you to easily find recipes that you need.

As well as the vast range of recipes you will receive: the Fat Loss Optimizer Guide, a Supplements Optimizer Guide, the seasoning bible: Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide, Metabolicious Calorie Free Dressings, Metabolic Salad Builder and Quick Sheets, which can be printed off and used as guides to enhance your dieting.

Order your copy today and get on the fast track to the body you desire.


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