Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back Review

Have you recently gone through a breakup and do you wish that you could go back in time and change things in order to repair your relationship with your ex? Well, so far time travel hasn’t been invented yet. However, the Text Your Ex Back promises the next best solution. The program claims that it will teach you everything you need to know in order to say the right things to your ex so that you can get back together again.

The Text Your Ex Back program provides you with guidance on texting your ex and even offers carefully worded texts that you can use or adapt to your needs. It also explains some of the relationship dynamic and human psychology in a breakup in order to help you understand what happened so that you can learn how to avoid it next time. It is an interesting book with a lot of insight into romantic relationships and psychology.

About Text Your Ex Back

The Text Your Ex Back program is a very honest and straightforward relationship guide and it will teach you a few important things. Here are a few of the main tenents and ideas that are taught via this program:

  • When you end a relationship you will be in a very negative place emotionally and you will be very likely to say the wrong thing and push your ex even further away.
  • This type of communication and behaviour is exactly the opposite of what makes someone attractive. The more needy you are, the more you are going to become unappealing to your ex.
  • If you want to salvage the relationship, you need to get a handle on your own emotions first so that you can react calmly to the situation.
  • Also, you need to give your ex a little bit of space and freedom for a short period of time. This will allow both of your to get perspective and allow you to build up your self confidence and establish your identity again.
  • If there were issues within the relationship that caused you to break up, those issues will come up and cause problems again if they are not addressed.
  • However, it is possible to break the cycle of old issues and change the dynamic of the relationship so that it can be healthier and stronger than the first time around.

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The Author Behind Text Your Ex Back

The program was created by a guy called Michael Fiore. Here are some interesting things that you should know about Michael:

  • He has 15 years of experience as a relationship coach.
  • He has worked with many couples and has helped them to improve their communication and save their doomed relationships.
  • He has appeared on a range of different television programs, including CBS, Fox News and Rachael Ray.
  • He has an incredible amount of knowledge about relationships, so he has a lot of wisdom to share.

A Quick Overview of Text Your Ex Back

When a relationship ends it is painful for both parties and often you will be feeling angry, bitter, sad and regretful. These negative emotions can cause you to lash out irrationally and say very hurtful things to your ex. These things can be very damaging and can erase any possibility of your ex wanting to get back together with you. Have you ever looked back and gone over everything in your head, wondering if things would be different if you had said something different or acted differently?

This book will help you to understand your emotions so that you can react in a healthier way and not seem so unattractive, pathetic or desperate to your ex. Some of the topics that this book will cover include:

  • A step by step guide for what you can text your previous partner so that you have the best chance of rekindling the love between you.
  • A detailed explanation of the complex emotions that people go through during a breakup.
  • Why you should give your partner space for a set amount of time after the breakup and why it is healthy for both of you.
  • How to address the problems that caused the relationship to come to an end, so that you can resolve them and avoid breaking up again.

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The Benefits You’ll Get From The Text Your Ex Back Program

So what benefits does this program promise? Here are some of the perks that the Text Your Ex Back program claims to offer:

  • Insight into how relationships work and how you can change the dynamic of your relationship to a healthier one.
  • A texting plan that you can follow with examples of exactly what you should say to your ex, so that they are likely to want to get back together with you.
  • Specific texts that you can send to your ex, depending on what mood or mindset they are in when you make contact with them.
  • Tips on how you can build up your self confidence again after a breakup. When you boost your own self esteem you will become attractive and appealing again to your ex.
  • How to remind your ex of the wonderful memories that you have shared in the past, so that they see the relationship in a new light and start to look back on your time together fondly.


Perhaps you are a little bit skeptical about the program? After all, how can an ebook help you to get your relationship back together when it has fallen apart? However, the author of this ebook is so confident that it will work for you, that he has offered it for sale under a 60 day money back guarantee. This is great news and essentially there is nothing to lose if you want to give it a try and see if it works on your ex. It just might be the guide you are looking for to get the love of your life back and rekindle the best relationship you have ever had.


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