The 60 Day Fix Diet System Review

The 60 Day Fix Diet System Review

The 60 Day Fix Diet System is a program that could change your life, especially if you feel yourself discouraged by unsuccessful efforts to lose weight in the past. This ebook was written by an unlikely expert on health and weight loss – an ex-military chaplain. Known as the “Fitness Pastor” he is a deeply religious man who has brought the worlds of religion and weight loss together in this unique book.

If you are overweight and you have been struggling to lose weight for a long time, this ebook just might be the one that makes everything “click” for you.

What Is The 60 Day Fix Diet System

The 60 Day Fix Diet System is a book all about how the techniques and strategies for losing weight and living a healthy life have been written plainly all along – within the pages of the Holy Bible. The book’s author, pastor Jordan White, explains that the bible gives a lot of valuable advice for what to eat and how to stay healthy so that you can avoid obesity and reduce your risk of disease.

Here are some important things to know about the book.

  • The book explains that the medical companies don’t really want us to be healthy, they want us to keep on buying medicine so that they can make money.
  • Father Jordan explains that the secrets in the book, which are contained within the Bible, will allow you to reduce your health issues and your dependence on medication.
  • The book mentions 12 ingredients which are mentioned in the bible and which have been known for their health benefits for thousands of years.
  • The book makes it easy to incorporate these ingredients into your diet by offering recipes and meal ideas.
  • The ingredients are not obscure, expensive or difficult to find. They will be available in most supermarkets.
  • The book also contains more information about exercises, managing your blood sugar, regulating your hormones and much more.

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About the Author

Jordan White, a religious man who was once a military chaplain, is the author of this popular book. He believes that all of the secrets to a healthy lifestyle exist within the pages of the bible. This is very important to him, because he believes that your body was a gift from God. Keeping yourself healthy and fit is a way of showing gratitude and respect for the body that God gave you.

Jordan worked together with a medical student named Michael to develop The 60 Day Fix Diet System. When they discovered the 12 ingredients and Jordan and his wife began to incorporate them into their diet, they were able to avoid weight gain, fatigue and other negative symptoms.

When Jordan was in Iraq he had an experience where he was nearly killed, which had a profound impact on him. He realised that God had placed him on this earth for a purpose, which was to help others to stay healthy, lose weight and avoid diseases. He wrote this book as a way of sharing his message with as many people as possible.

Overview of The 60 Day Fix Diet System

This weight loss ebook contains a lot of facts, but they are explained in a straightforward and easy to understand way so that anyone can follow the guidance. This book includes a lot of helpful information, including:

  • A guide to exactly what you should be eating every day so that your body will function at its best and you will not accumulate fat around your midsection.
  • A jump start guide that will help you to get on the path to losing weight and make powerful changes to your lifestyle.
  • An exercise that will only take three minutes to do, but will help you to build muscle quickly and efficiently.
  • Information about how you can control your insulin levels so that you can avoid blood sugar spikes.
  • Tips that will help you to increase your metabolism, which will allow you to burn more calories even when you aren’t doing anything.
  • Guidance on how you can reduce toxins in your body in order to lose weight more quickly and feel more energetic and youthful.
  • How you can turn on a fat burning “switch” that will change the way that your body operates and help you to lose fat more quickly.

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Benefits of The 60 Day Fix Diet System

According to Jordan White, The 60 Day Fix Diet System will help you to lose unwanted fat from your midsection, build muscle, reduce fatigue and enjoy more efficient workouts. He claims that you will be able to do this without having to count calories, buy strange and obscure foods, workout for several hours every day or starve yourself.

Here are a few more of the benefits that this program promises:

  • The exercises don’t take very long, so you are more likely to just do them rather than procrastinating.
  • The results are quick – many people who have used the program report seeing a different within only a few days.
  • There are no crazy meal plans that you have to follow, all you have to do is to included these ordinary ingredients within your diet which is quite easy to do.
  • The program is quite affordable compared to other products and it is available via direct digital download, so it is quite and simple to access it.


Perhaps you are curious about this program – but you aren’t sure whether or not you want to commit to it. That’s not a problem. The great thing is that The 60 Day Fix Diet System is offered under a 60-day money back guarantee. That means that if you aren’t happy with it, you can get your payment back no questions asked. This is really good news, because it means that you can download the program and give it a try without having to worry. There is nothing to lose, so why not check it out and see what a difference in can make to your health?


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