The Coconut Oil Secret Review

We all know that the best way to keep our bodies healthy is good nutrition and regular exercise. In fact, this simple mantra underpins most of the popular diet fads going around today. But did you know that you can also help heal your body through nutrition? Neither did we – until we started investigating the amazing health benefits of coconut oil!

In fact, there are a lot of foods and supplements out there which have been claimed to help promote natural healing but, when put to the test, most of them turn out to be nothing more than placebos (albeit healthy ones). Coconut oil, however, has been used for thousands of years by people living in the tropics who have accidentally stumbled upon an amazing nutritional secret that’s now coveted by millions of people worldwide. In fact, the coconut tree has long been known as “The Tree of Life” – and for a very good reason. The coconut is able to play a vital role in health promotion and maintenance, and the Coconut Oil Secret program is here to share this information with you today.

What is The Coconut Oil Secret Book About?

the coconut oil secret reviewCoconut oil has been used in cooking and health regimes for centuries, but it’s only recently that people have started realising just how beneficial it is. This is because its use was actually discouraged after the Second World War, when coconut oil began to be replaced in cooking by the use of unhealthy, hydrogenated oils. This had a knock-on effect on the coconut industry, which fell into decline just as our waistlines began to expand.

One leading argument against the use of saturated fats – into which category coconut oil falls – is that they can give rise to obesity and heart disease. However, recent studies have shown this link to be tenuous at best. In fact, one particular study conducted by the Medical Research Council showed that men who ate butter were at less risk of heart attack than men who ate margarine! In fact, much of the early research that denounced coconut oil was conducted using coconut oil that had been highly refined and therefore contained large amounts of dangerous trans fats. Natural, unrefined coconut oil continued to contain numerous healthy properties, but these were overlooked by the food and medical industries who had an incentive to encourage people to spend their money elsewhere.

The Coconut Oil Secret eBook is therefore about exposing the myth of ‘dangerous’ coconut oil and instead showing you how you can use this precious substance to enrich your life and improve your health.

The Key Points of Coconut Oil Secret

As mentioned, our overriding aim is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how best to use coconut oil to enrich your life. We do this in a very simple way – by presenting you with the facts about this wonderful product and thereby giving you the means and resources to make up your own mind, free from the influences of so-called leading ‘nutritionists’ and ‘health experts’. Just a few of the points we explore include:

  • Coconut oil’s specific properties (antibacterial / anti-carcinogenic / antioxidant etc.)
  • The benefits of capric acid
  • The chemistry of coconut, explained in easy-to-understand terminology
  • The specific amount of coconut oil you need each day to see real results!

benefits of coconut oil

The Pros and Cons of Coconut Oil Secret Book

As with any program of health and nutrition, Coconut Oil Secret has both pros and cons. The pros should self-evident – the system is based around a plan of healthy eating and natural living designed to maximise the nutrition you get from your food by introducing healthy amounts of coconut oil as a substitute for the harmful oils most people tend to use in their cooking. We also encourage our clients to explore the ways in which coconut oil helps us to metabolise fatty acids much more efficiently than other oils, thereby providing us with additional opportunities for fat burning and weight loss. The program is comprehensive and holistic, meaning you’ll start to see benefits in every aspect of your life once you embark on the Coconut Oil Secret regime. These aspects include:

  • Fat burning
  • Weight loss
  • Memory improvements
  • Thyroid boost
  • Beautiful skin

Unfortunately, the program won’t work for everybody. The one overriding ‘con’ of Coconut Oil Secret is that the system requires dedication for it to be truly effective. There’s no point embarking on the Coconut Oil Secret program if you aren’t committed to seeing changes in your life, and working to make those changes happen. Nobody gets healthier and happier overnight, but the Coconut Oil Secret manual aims to give you the best start possible on your new and improved self.=

Try The Coconut Oil Secret Guide Today!

Look around at some of the most popular nutritional regimes on the market today and you’ll probably notice that most of them require repeat purchases, whether they be for the next chapter of a publication, additional supplements, protein shakes or any other type of so-called ‘nutritional’ advice manuals and products. Not so with Coconut Oil Secret. All we ask is that you log on to their website at today to discover more about the program and, if you feel confident, you can access our full book, stuffed with 15 chapters of informed advice and health-boosting tips, for just one low price. No hidden costs, no surprise subscriptions and no hard sell of health boosting products. All we ask is that you try the program today and, if you like it, share those benefits with your friends. Let’s all make an effort to take the power back from health companies who want us to stay unhealthy so they can make a profit selling us things we don’t need! Everything you need can be found directly in nature and the Coconut Oil Secret book is here to show you how.


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