The Jump Manual Review

Originally posted 2015-05-08 12:08:56.

the jump manual review

Are you someone who loves to play b-ball, and yet just can’t quite make the jumps? Got a great technique, but fall short of the jump?

This system has been created by Jacob Hiller who was previously an average jumper. In spite of his impressive height advantage, the 6’3″ baller wanted to improve him jump to make a good dunk. This program is designed for those who want to perfect the art of a good jump.

Having tried most solutions purported through a saturated market, Hiller developed this as a system to naturally increase jump capacity, without the need for expensive equipment, sportswear and/ or strenuous exercises.

Who Is The Author?

jump manual pdfThis revolutionary manual has been created by Jacob Hiller; a first class trainer who has worked with many NBA players to help perfect their vertical jump. Also he has trained Olympian athletes in the jumping system too. As one of only a handful of coaches who specialize in vertical leap training, he is revered around the globe and this targeted training program has received top notch reviews. Indiscriminate in his ability to help make the jumps you require, Hiller has helped kids, athletes and enthusiasts to hit up a decent basket, in their droves. Following the impressive success of this program, he can now be considered a leading author on vertical jump, and exercise as a whole.

Having got a decade of experience under his belt, Jacob has mastered his method and poured his findings into this revelatory guide; sorting out the wheat from the chaff when it comes increasing vertical leap, and making the basket ring.

What Exactly Is The Jump Manual About?

Designed to be an exclusive and comprehensive guide into training people to jump higher, The Jump Manual is an exclusive vertical jump training program created by Jacob Hiller. Intended to help other people to jump higher, Jacob created the program when he saw a niche in the market, from when he tried to find the right help. Fully comprehensive, this coaching package incorporates a variety of methods to teach you how to systematically increase your vertical reach.

Hiller’s unique and proven techniques can add up to 10 inches to your vertical, so why not get started today and unlock your jumping potential?

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What Kind Of Results Does It Yield?

Thousands of positive testimonials lay claim to the impressive and highly effective results from people who have tried the program across the world. Many people cite a huge improvement in their game as a direct result of the training included. Practising the prescribed techniques has helped people improve overall as a basketball player. Many of the skills such as vertical reach, and capabilities with blocking, rebound techniques and even dunking have been improved by adhering to the expert advice laid out by Hiller.

An advocate in boosting the confidence, Hiller uses various techniques to help you track your progress, and this alone is worth the signup fee! With a pronounced athleticism achieved by many satisfied customers, the level of commitment necessary is high, but Jacob ensures you stay motivated by tracking results.

You can improve your jump, and your overall game using this unique program, designed by experts to help you achieve expert skill.

A fully comprehensive approach to improving your ball skills, this program, encompasses multifaceted approach to improvement, with a focus on diet, exercise and nutrition principles, plus targeted poses to help strengthen poise and stamina, fully integrated within its pages.

What Scientific Proof Is There Behind The Jump Manual?

how to jump higherGuided by 9 major principles, The Jump Manual has scientific backing to prove how well the program can work. Where other jump programs focus on just one or two factors of vertical jumping, what sets this one apart is that it targets everything.  Right from the outset, the unique system encourages readers to focus on correct training methods, resistance training, overall flexibility and the importance of diet.

To increase vertical jump, you basically need to force your body to jump higher by exposing it to this high impact exercise frequently. The Jump Manual demonstrates how you can optimize your jumps by implementing a specifically designed program, which not only maximizes your jump capacity, but works on confidence too. With a world class training video library you get detailed examples to help guide you through exercises.

What Other Benefits Does The Jump Manual Have?

The program is endured by the ESP, which assures you of its high quality and respected status. Excellent value for money; you will not need to spend anything more on coaching or expensive equipment once you have made this purchase. You can access everything immediately after purchase, which means there’s no limit to how much time you put in.

Packed with video links, Hiller demonstrates the correct way to train and how to perform each exercise. This ensures that you are getting the most out of what you’re learning, by implementing it immediately. Hiller also offers additional support of one-to-one sessions.

Due to its highly strategic workout, it saves time and energy being spent on ineffective techniques. The training is efficient and effective,and includes charts which you can print off and use a motivational progress tracker. This all accompanied by a thorough nutrition plan, inclusive of shopping lists and meal planners.

Each exercise has been created to ensure you stay protected from the potential damage that could be resultant of major verticals.

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What’s Included?

In addition to the increased reach you’ll get upon pushing yourself to complete the program, you can access one-to-one training from Hiller. A multimedia experience, you will instantly have access to Informational Videos; Exercise Instructional Videos; Progress Tracking Templates; Email Support and Forum Access once you purchase this revolutionary program.

The included nutrition plan and the easy to follow workout chart will boost your strength and speed every day you use the program; edging you toward your final goal. The effect this will have on your confidence will be pronounced.

Hiller is so confident in his program that The Jump Manual is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee. This demonstrates Hiller’s confidence in his own work: If you don’t see the results you want, you can ask for a refund without question.

Why spend another day feeling like you’re missing the mark? Get training now by ordering The Jump Manual and see your verticals improve before your eyes.


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