Trouble Spot Nutrition Review

trouble spot nutrition reviewTrouble Spot Nutrition is a comprehensive weight loss program that teaches readers all about hormones and their bearing on the body. It focuses on training readers to learn how to get their bodies working with them, rather than against them when they embark on a weight loss journey. In understanding the impact different hormones have on the body’s ability to store fat, you will be released from the incessant cycle of weight gain.

About the program

The Trouble Spot Nutrition program is designed to help all people, regardless of their age gender or hormonal imbalance. It centers around the idea that these imbalances are the cause of weight gain, and in redressing them, you will restore your body’s natural safe weight.

What makes Trouble Spot Nutrition such a valuable and comprehensive guide is its tackling of the various issues such as thyroid imbalance, testosterone and estrogen imbalance, as well as lifestyle changes such as getting the right amount of sleep and understanding the body’s natural PH. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to understanding your body and how it can use nutrition to balance hormones.

It focuses on optimising nutritional and hormonal health through consuming a balanced diet. For example, spearmint is a naturally occurring plant that can help to balance hormones, and reduce instances of PCOS and unwanted erratic hair in women.

Key points of the Trouble Spot Nutrition program

Essentially, Janet has distilled years of research and analysis into a comprehensive three step program to help you work on your body, and finally achieve the body of your dreams, with thanks to the scientifically backed program, which brings about a new approach to understanding fat storage and your body.

The three step system works on the following levels:

# 1: Deactivating enzymes for storing fat

Within every single cell, we have an enzyme called HSD. The job of this is to convert inactive cortisone and into cortisol, which stores fat. This means that effectively your body is working to store fat at all times. High levels of 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 (otherwise known as HSD) lead to high levels of fat storage, which explains that weight gain is related to more than just simply what we eat and how much of it. The amount of HSD each person has is genetically determined, but it can be controlled and assisted using the correct nutrition combinations

#2: Introduce nutrition for hormone balance

This second stage teaches you how to eat for your own individual set of hormones. After years of research and training, Janet is experienced in detecting which hormones are out of balance due to the body areas which are storing fat. So if you are a female who has unwanted hairs and a large amount of belly fat, then you are likely to be suffering from an excess of testosterone within the body. This can be combated through including a number of natural foods, like the mint mentioned previously.

So, no matter where your excess fat is being stored, you can discover which hromones need to be balanced by consulting Janet’s guide. After you have identified where the balance is, then you simply need to incorporate the specific foods to help balance this, and you will be on the way to losing inches and pounds, and feeling great!

#3: Lose more weight from trouble spots

This final step teaches you to activate essential fat burning hormones. By implementing just 15 minutes’ exercise regime per day, you can tone up, using nothing more than the body itself, and natural poses that will exert no strain and pose no threat.

The sad fact of the matter is that many programs these days are designed to try and burn fat fast, and put heavy expectations on their users. Janet’s program is committed to ensuring that you will not put additional strain or damage on the body, in the same way that some exercise programs require. As such, you will sculpt your physique naturally, and permanently.

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What Are The Advantages And Benefits of Trouble Spot Nutrition?

Just some of the unique benefits of this program are that it has been designed for everyday people by everyday people, and is written in an engaging and accessible tone.

Tens of thousands of positive testimonials the world over suggest that this is a program that gets results, so you are not committing to maybe; you are really embarking on redressing the blnnces within your system.

This is a valuable and modern look at weight management that has not been talked about before, which means that if you are someone who has battled with weight issues over the years, this really could be all you need to get started on the new, and upgraded you!

Purchasing the Trouble Spot Nutrition program means you can also access the supportive network of other users, which helps you to stay motivated and keep on top of your targets.

Broken down into a series of pdf documents, the Trouble Spot Nutrition Program can be tailored to your exact needs by means of you selecting those parts which are the most relevant to your particular ‘trouble spot’.

Because it can be accessed digitally once you have paid for it, then you will be able to start implementing the new plan as soon as you purchase and can access it from anywhere.

The Trouble Spot Nutrition program offers a 60 day cooling off period, in which you get to try the product. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the program, you can return it without query.


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What You’ll Get When You Purchase Trouble Spot Nutrition

As well as the years of scientific research and analysis that have helped to create the program, you will receive some extras, such as hormone balanced recipes, to help save you time and distress in the kitchen.

You will learn the benefit of understanding the crucial role WHEN you eat plays in weight gain and weight loss, and will uncover the secrets to eating after working out.

Janet will introduce the incredible selection of healthy and happy desserts that work in tandem with your body and hormone system, meaning you will not feel that you have given anything up, but have so much to gain.


Having had a decent look at the program, and the way in which it works with your endocrine system, this is a positive step toward finally providing some insight into the way in which the body works with hormones, and it is a worthwhile purchase

Order your copy of Trouble Spot Nutrition program today and step towards a new, lighter and more energised you.


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