Venus Factor Review: A Weight Loss Guide for Real Women

The Venus Factor is a weight-loss program solely for women regardless of age, ethnicity, and metabolism rate (whether you believe you have a high or low metabolism).

All women have, at one point or another, wanted to lose weight fast. Unfortunately we’ve been handed somewhat of a genetic disadvantage. Men find it quite easy to drop a few pounds when they need to, but women often struggle and therefore need a bit more of a helping hand. Plenty of unscrupulous providers have sought to take advantage of this fact by offering spurious programmes that promise to help you lose weight quickly but actually don’t give you any real solutions, or, even worse, give vulnerable women dangerous tips on how to lose weight fast by putting their health at risk. We’re now at the point where there are so many fad diets around that it’s almost impossible to figure out the best way to lose weight fast!

Luckily, Venus Factor is here to offer you a fresh and innovative solution.

What is Venus Factor?

venus factor reviewWe’re sick to death of this kind of charlatanism and we bet you are too. This is why Venus Factor has put together a comprehensive programme of weight loss advice and guidance that’s proven to help women lose weight fast and keep it off for good. Our world-class expert in nutrition and biology, John Barban, has dedicated his entire life to studying the science of fat loss and the female body. He explains, not just how you can lose weight, but why it’s so much more difficult for women to do so than men. This new understanding will help you to banish unwanted body fat and keep it off for good by increasing your metabolism and dropping up to 3 dress sizes in just one week!

How Does Venus Factor Work?

Venus Factor isn’t about starving yourself or denying yourself the things you like the most. Instead, it gets right to the heart of weight loss, exposing common weight loss myths (including so-called ‘healthy’ foods that actually hinder weight loss!) and identifying the key components of an effective weight loss plan. In fact, the guidance is based on brand new research about Leptin resistance – a problem experienced to a much greater degree by women than by men. This unique problem increases during dieting, resulting in disappointing plateaus and eventual weight re-gain. What John Barban seek to do is to help you reset the genetic switch that allow you to utilise your full leptin potential through a method known as Metabolic Override.

The metabolic override plan depends on a combination of healthy eating and clever nutritional combinations designed to kick your leptin sensitivity into overdrive, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all your weight loss efforts. The surprising easy 12 week nutrition plan provides a simple step-by-step guide for women who want to lose weight fast, without having to disrupt their professional or personal lives to spend more time at the gym or cut out the foods they love to eat. The solution is designed to work with your body, instead of against it, making it truly the most effective and complementary product of its kind. When you receive a copy of Venus Factor, you’ll find out amazing information about:

  • Foods that damage Leptin sensitivity and how to avoid them
  • Cheat foods that help you to spike your Leptin sensitivity and burn fat from problem areas like thighs, bum and tum
  • The one vital nutrient that most weight loss companies don’t want you to know about!

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Say No to Supplements

The program specifically avoid recommending supplements to their clients, simply because they don’t work. That’s right – supplements do not work! All those companies who sell weight loss supplements are simply buying into your need to believe that you can lose weight quickly and easily by just taking a pill. But Venus Factor isn’t just another company pushing placebos on unsuspecting consumers. Those companies want you to stay fat so they can keep selling their product to you. This program just needs to be bought once. That’s right – just one easy purchase today and you too can have access to the awesome new technique that lies at the heart of Venus Factor’s amazingly successful weight loss programme.

The Pros and Cons of Venus Factor

Permanent weight loss has always been the holy grain for many women around the world. Yet so few actually manage to achieve it, though not for lack of trying. And as crazy as it sounds, you may not see the results you expect with Venus Factor. Why then should you put your trust in this program?

What many women may not realise is that, just as weight gain is often due to a combination of both genetics and emotions, so too must their weight loss programme address both the physical and emotional aspects of female fat loss. This weight loss program is guaranteed to work – but only if you are willing and able to commit to the techniques described therein. You may find it difficult at times, but the rewards are there in the form of a firmer, healthier body and a happier, healthier you. So, in this sense, the pros and cons of Venus Factor are inextricably bound up with one another. The ‘con’ in this case is that you must be prepared to change the way you think about yourself, your body, and everything you thought you knew about traditional weight loss techniques. The ‘pro’ is that by doing so, you will see the weight loss results you’ve always wanted.

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Discover Venus Factor Online Today

Venus Factor isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill weight loss program. They don’t ask for a monthly subscription or try to sell you additional products that you don’t really need. They don’t want you to put the weight back on so we can take more money from you further down the line. What they want is for you to achieve the figure you’ve always dreamed of, with just one easy purchase made from the website today. Really – that’s all it takes! Simply visit the website at HERE and you can get your hands on a copy of the Venus Factor program today.


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