The Primal Sleep System Review

Primal Sleep System Review

The Primal Sleep System is for you if you are feeling tired every day and if you never feel like you are getting a deep and restful sleep. It is a very interesting sleep system that promises to give you the tools you need to have the deepest sleep that you have had in years.

The system uses something that is known as “binaural beats” in order to cure you of your insomnia. According to the book, you will be able to fall into a deeper sleep than ever before and wake up feeling happy, healthy and refreshed. Also, the program claims that you will be able to slow down your aging, improve your health, boost your libido, get rid of your belly fat and much more.

So, is this system really as good as it sounds? Will it help you to improve your health and your sleep significantly? Let’s take a look inside binaural beats, The Primal Sleep System and the ideas behind it to see what this guide has to offer.

What is The Primal Sleep System About?

The Primal Sleep System uses audio technology to send you into a deep and healing sleep, which will allow your body to repair itself and your vital processes to function.

So, it’s kind of like you have a pair of headphones on. A note is played in your right ear while a different note is simultaneously played in your left ear. You can clearly hear each of the notes, but your brain puts things together and makes it sound like a third note is being played, which is all in your head.

This is a strange type of auditory hallucination which is called a binaural beat. It only happens when two distinct pure tone sine waves are used, with frequencies that are lower than 1500 HZ and no more than a 40 Hz difference between them.

Ok, so that’s pretty cool and all – but how does this help you to fall asleep? Apparently, the sounds at this frequency cause your brain to produce certain types of brain waves which will cause your brain to enter a state of relaxation that is very conducive to sleep.

This could be an incredibly helpful discovery, as there are a lot of people in our modern day and age who really suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to get to sleep. Many people don’t even realise the negative toll that sleep deprivation is taking on their health and how much better they would feel if they were to get a better sleep.

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Who is the Author of The Primal Sleep System?

The author behind the Primal Sleep System is a guy called David Sinick. He used to be someone who was never able to get enough sleep. He worked too much, he was always stressed out and he woke up in the middle of the night unable to fall asleep again. So, he did some research. He studied sleep through the ages and looked at all of the different factors that affect it, from the hunter-gatherer era all the way up to modern man.

Also, he researched many lifestyle choices such as exercise, alcohol, cigarettes and more. He uncovered a lot of interesting findings about the effects of these different factors on sleep and he put all of his research together to create the system.

Summary of The Primal Sleep System

You might think that listening to “audio technology” in order to get a deeper and better sleep sounds a little bit crazy, but it’s not as weird as you might think. The audio technology used in the program has actually been tested quite extensively and its results are significant.

The program includes three different audio sessions – Primal Sleep (Delta), Nature Mind (Theta) and Deep Dreams (Delta). When you start listening to these recordings up to two hours before you want to go to sleep, your brain will start to shut itself down into a restful state and the program claims that you will experience deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

The program also includes a couple of extras, including the Primal Sleep Diet Guide which tells you which foods you should be eating to enjoy better sleep, as well as audio you can listen to and feel less stressed out.

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Benefits of The Primal Sleep System

Sleep is very important – it is the time when your brain flushes out the toxins that build up during the day – which is kind of like the brain emptying the trash. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, tired, in a bad mood, unable to concentrate and suffering from a poor memory. When you do get a better sleep you will immediately feel sharper, more able to concentrate, better at problem solving and better at reasoning.

Also, you will begin to feel an improvement with other sleep deprivation problems, such as high stress levels and anxiety, lack of sex drive, a lowered immune system, weight gain and much more. When you are able to retrain your brain to get a better and deeper sleep, all of these problems will start to go away. You will feel brighter and more alert and you will notice the difference in many different aspects of your life.


If you struggle with insomnia, it can make your days exhausting and your nights even longer. You will lie awake in bed, trying desperately to get to sleep but having no luck. If you really want to achieve success with your sleep, you could give this program a try. The binaural beats might be the answer that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that there is no risk in giving The Primal Sleep System program a try – it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you then you can always ask for your money back. So, you don’t have to lose sleep about whether or not you should purchase the program – just give it a try!


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